0 where have you been? been searching all along...

ah, where are my manners? i do apologize for my absence. the past month has been a bit... too much for me; i was quite exhausted from work and other circumstances i was unable to maintain my activity on this blog. 

yet here i am, and i regret to inform you that i haven't really started with the next yokai introduction, and for that i apologize. i will do so perhaps in a few days, as soon as i accustomed myself with work again.

i've had a week off about a week ago, and i did use this opportunity to gather new strength for what's about to come. 

you know, ever since corvid, it's been a bit difficult at work, i've got more tasks to handle while my colleague is still unable to go to work because of the current restrictions.
plus i've been super caught up with playing animal crossing to the point i even managed to finish a project i meant to finish weeks ago— and there's yet more to come. the game itself is just relaxing and therapeutic and i love it very much. 

perhaps i will write about my town or my villagers in a later post; so far i am quite satisfied with the villagers i have as of now. while i am always open for changes, there are certain villagers i refuse to actually let go because they kind of have a personal value to me... if that makes any sense (like someone's named after my boyfriend).

so far, so good. i hope everything works well for you, and i hope you'll stay healthy.

until next post.
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