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let's talk for a bit.
May 19, 2020

we'll talk about my life and what 'drastic' changes have occurred and what exactly has changed. i'm going to be a bit honest in here, i changed a lot during the course of a year and a few months of possibly not saying anything. 

i wasn't feeling like talking much and this is like my main mood at the moment, especially during the crisis.

you see, my main goal of 2020 was to socialize a bit more, spend more time outside but i guess karma wasn't on my side when covid happened and i was forced to limit my social goals or put them on hold until i could actually go out and meet some friends.

i meant to join a roleplay club in my hometown, but i never really managed to actually keep on going because certain events were unable to actually happen. now i am spending my free time roleplaying on forums and discord, playing final fantasy xiv and animal crossing new horizons.

oh, by the way: my job situation is more or less settled. i'm interning in an office of a drink shop since september 2019 and i have a big chance of getting hired. the rehab process in the institute however is going to keep up with me for a bit longer due to my social and mental deficits which make it harder for me to actually keep up with my life. i am trying my best if it wouldn't have been a situation that just occurred this morning.

see, i wanted to withdraw some money to get myself breakfast and for some reason i forgot my debit PIN. i was like "what the hell, HOW can i lose this vital memory on my head!?" i managed to block my card for inserting the wrong PIN three times but i was able to unlock my card (AND finding the right pin in my papers) and my day was saved.

yeah sometimes i can have little a brain fart and perhaps in a few months i'd just laugh about it like it was a bad joke.

but anyways, there's nothing much to say as of now since my life hasn't changed drastically. i am still happy with my boyfriend (who i love very much and that since august of 2018) and we're both still the same idiots people know us for. 

as for next post, i already have an idea as of what yokai i'm going to talk about.

but for now, have a good one and stay safe!